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Case study

The Revive Body Method

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Kasey was looking to take her fitness and wellness business to the next level. The Revive Body Method was created. 

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The Revive Body aims to provide a holistic wellness experience to their clients, providing a single platform where users can access their fitness, mindfulness, and health content.

Kasey reached out needing support to make that vision a reality. Hunch worked closely with her to create a brand and a responsive platform that would propel her business to the next level.




Logo Design

UX/UI Design

Web Design

Wix website

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The Revive Body Method aim was to be an encouraging and supportive voice, that would guide clients through their fitness journey. When we initially begun visualising the brand coming to life, words including approachable, earthy and holistic were referenced. 

Based off the back of this discovery session, an earthy palette was chosen to create the brand, along with wholesome imagery, and typography that gave a clean and unique feel.

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Logo design

Along with Kasey's goal to create an approachable and down to earth brand, she  wanted something minimal and natural. 

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UX/UI Design

Along with understanding the brand, we also worked closely with Kasey to determine the key objectives of the website. Taking these into account, we focused on creating a user-centric experience, with intuitive user flows and thought out information architecture. 

Using Wix CMS

After assessing the available options , Wix was chosen for multiple reasons.


It was important to us that the Wix content manager was user friendly, allowing Kasey to independently manage her website in the future. It also had all the functionality required, including a membership portal, where paying clients could view content, and  allowed users to book in an intro call with Kasey, when she could easily set her availability from the backend.  

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