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We take a no BS approach to every project.

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Focused on delivering intuitive digital experiences.

Have you ever been on a website or app where you didn’t know where to click? Or have you abandonned a shopping cart as checkout was too time consuming? Or have you ever come away from a website feeling more fustrated than satisfied?

At Hunch, our goal is to create digital experiences that are intuitive and delight users. This doesn't just result in happy users, but the business will  have more customers, more purchases, more members... and at the end of the day, more revenue.

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Meet Harriet

In both design and life, I'm all about setting goals, taking on challenges, and reveling in the sweet satisfaction of conquering them. I believe anyone can make their dreams a reality with a bit of determination.

This mindset led me quit my corporate banking gig and dive headfirst into a UX bootcamp. Six months later, I landed my first job as a Product Designer, and within a year I was promoted to Senior Product Designer. And after a year and a half working perm, I decided to make the jump, and  set up my own agency.

Since starting Hunch, I've worked on some cool projects like Propelle, Showpiece, Baldwin's, Snapshot, and more!


How we like to approach work

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Empathy makes us better creators, better teammates, and overall kinder to each other.

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We want to work with people who are passionate and care about their work.  

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We focus on developing trust through transparent and honest communication.

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Like what you see? Got an existing project coming up where we can help? We would love to hear from you.

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