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Brand Design

UX/UI Design

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The Challenge

Propelle’s mission is to financially empower 1 million+ women around the world to invest regularly and build wealth. They approached us looking for someone to help shape their brand, design website and entire web app from scratch.

We work closely with Propelle over the course of 9 months to create a user-centric platform, which empowered women to invest.


A user centric process

1. Discovery

The project kicked off with a discovery phase to fully understand the scope of the project. Multiple workshops were facilitated in order to quickly understand business goals, identify users and needs, branding direction, and assess the work which had already been completed.

2. Concept

We translated research insights into tangible elements, strategically planning the information architecture and user flows to optimise the overall user experience. Progressing from wireframes to high-fidelity screens allowed continual refinement based on stakeholder feedback, ensuring the design aligned seamlessly with both the brand's vision and user expectations.

3. Build

We fine-tuned the user interface for peak performance and responsiveness through an iterative development process, working hand-in-hand with engineers. Our user-centered approach facilitated seamless collaboration, allowing us to tackle technical constraints and ensure the smooth integration of design and functionality.

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Logo and Brand Creation

We were on a mission to capture the essence of empowerment, individuality, and trust while keeping the vibe light and approachable. The result is a distinctive, uplifting identity that's not too serious but always welcoming – just like the community they serve. 


Together, we've created something truly special that resonates with their female audience.

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Designing an intuitive investment platform

Creating Propelle's MVP was all about keeping it simple and intuitive.  Every step in the process, from design to features, was shaped by real user insights and testing. The goal was a seamless and user-friendly experience that feels like second nature. 

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"Dedication to creating the best experience possible for our users"

Harriet's been with us for the best part of a year so far and she's made a massive difference. She's helped us build an investment platform for women from the ground up through qualitative and quantitative user research, design ideation and testing and constant dedication to creating the best experience possible for our users. Besides being an excellent designer, she's just such a lovely human, who's been really fun to have around!


Arianne Marie

Product Manager


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Like what you see? Got an existing project coming up where we can help? We would love to hear from you.

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