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UX/UI Design

Brand Design

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The Challenge

Stanley Gibbons approached us looking to redesign their existing auction platform. The platform faced several challenges that hindered user engagement. It failed to provide an inclusive and user-friendly experience for the diverse range of collectors they catered for.

Over the course of 5 months, we worked closely with Stanley Gibbons, to launch their new auction platform Baldwin's. The objective was to enhance the user experience,  while maintaining a seamless and efficient platform for both buyers and sellers.


A user centric process

1. Discovery

In the discovery phase, we conducted in-depth research that provided insights into the diverse needs of collectors and industry trends. The findings guided our design strategy for creating an inclusive and improved auction platform.

2. Concept

We translated research insights into tangible elements. The information architecture and userflows were all thought out to create an optimised user experience.  Branding efforts modernised the visual identity, creating a cohesive design. The shift from wireframes to high-fidelity screens allowed refinement based on stakeholder feedback, aligning the design with the brand's vision and user expectations.

3. Build

Through iterative development and working closely with engineers, we refined the user interface for optimal performance and responsiveness. The user-centered approach guided collaboration with the engineering team, addressing technical constraints and ensuring the successful integration of design and functionality. 

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Crafting a distinctive brand identity

The brand redesign played a pivotal role in simplifying the user experience (UX). By adopting a modern and neutral design language, we created a clutter-free interface that strategically left ample space for showcasing high-quality images of collectibles. Central to this brand identity was the underlying ethos—to reflect the joy that collectors derive from their pursuits. 

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Streamlining development with a design system

In response to the complexities of the project and the short build time, the need for efficient development was a must, so a comprehensive design system was created. This design system served as a unified repository of standardised components and guidelines fostering a harmonised and consistent user interface across the entire auction house platform.

The design system played a pivotal role in expediting the development process. By providing a modular and reusable library of components, our engineering team could seamlessly implement design elements, reducing redundancy and ensuring a cohesive user experience. 


"I would recommend her in a heartbeat"

Harriet is a brilliant product designer, she is skilled in product discovery and also UX and UI. Harriet is pro-active and solution-oriented, she is flexible and will always make it work, whatever problem at hand. She's a great team player - use to juggling a large number of stakeholders and also is praised by engineers as great to work with. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.


Elina Sokolovska, 

Product Director

Stanley Gibbons & Showpiece

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